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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chit Chat

The Wild & Crazy pair were knit up for Bonnie's b-day. I made her a pair last year, but she gave them to the school crossing guard. Bonnie is a very kind soul. Don't look too closely, these are my first attempt at fair isle. The purple-ish beauties were stitched for Fiona's b-day. Yes, I'm a gifting freak.

Bonnie Lass

Isn't she lovely!? Now, this would be Bonnie "Kiss Me Arse" Burnet sporting the latest rage in Paton's Shetland Chunky Tweed (Deep Red). The photo does not do the model or the hat justice, but the camera is on the fritz and the cell phone cam just had to do. Bonnie had requested a groovy hat to keep her noggin warm and I thought "woo, another excuse to knit up Le Slouch!" Fun and painless to knit and it looks so freakin' fabulous!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloomin' Spoiled

The hubs was off to the studio with da' boyz for some good ol' rock n' roll recording on Sunday afternoon, so I gladly played rockstar wife and took myself to Bloom for a Eucalyptus & Spearmint Pedicure with scrub, masque and mint soak. For colour --> OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark. There's nothing quite like sitting back in a cushy red velvet chair and having your feet pampered all while knitting up a sock. The entire experience --> truly divine and highly recommended!

Friday, February 16, 2007


A year ago today I didn't have a clue and today, a year later, I still don't have much of one. Regardless, I'm so glad that I hopped on board the blog-train. I'm not a heavy poster. I wish that I was, but sitting in front of a computer all day doesn't leave much of a desire to do the same when I get home in the evening. Nevertheless, it's always groovy to check in and check it out. And it totally blows my mind when I see that someone from half way across the world has found my little ol' blog. Thanks T.O. knitters & Knitting Olympics Team Canada for turning me on. I've met such amazing people and some of them even knit. I dig the sharing. The Secret Pals. The Swaps. The Drunken Knit nights. The inspiration. Thank you, thank you very much....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy BalentiMes!!

I'm a sucker for love. Always have been. And I've been fortunate enuf to catch me the love of my life! The hubs proposed to me on Valentine's day. That day, two years ago, Jay woke me with breakfast in bed and a bunch of gifts. Actually, the first gift he gave me that year was at midnight - an exercise ball. I didn't quite know how to take it, but I had asked for one at some point. The man listens!

And then the next morning, with breakfast, there were flowers and an Elvis DVD (King Creole) and a ring. When he gave me the ring he said, "This is not an engagement ring, it is just a valentine's day present."And I stuck my foot in my mouth by saying "Yeah, it would be sooo cheezie to get engaged on valentines' day! sheesh!" Later that night, just before dinner arrived at our table, he got down on one knee and, cheezie or not, proposed. Engagement ring and all! A silly moment to add to the memorable evening -- the waiter, not seeing Jay on his knee, tripped over him. Luckily the waiter was empty handed. And the hubs had his hands full! Forever!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wasn't that a Party!

Kassidy's party was simply superb. All da' cool kids were there. We met at Planet Bowl, put on our suspicious footwear and did our best to stretch a little before pulling any muscles. The young'uns, Kassidy and her 11/12 year old troupe, took one lane and the brothahs, sistas and primos took another.


The adult bunch were surprisingly - awesome? Who knew my brother was such a twinkle toes, that brother Ted and cousin Tingo swung their balls with such punch, and that Heidi was so consistent in her game, despite any previous back pain horror. Vicki won the game for the big girls'. And Ted took it for da' boys. Then we retired to the Planet Bowl party room...
for some frantic gift opening and delicious cake licking ...

The hubs and I love to hear the girls scream. Well, I do anyway. Last year Jay made Kass a birthday card -- Kassidy and Ron Weasley photoshopped together. They screamed like The Beatles were in the room. So we had to top that this year with...

What could it possibly be?
And why are they making me wear these ridiculous sunglasses?

OMG! I can't believe it! Could it be?!

it IZ! it IZzzz!

My very own karaoke machine!!

and some of her favorite CD's. The Beatles and High School Musical. It made them screech like New Kids on the Block were in the room! Success. Sista and I had a mini after-show later in the evening, once the girls had retreated to their room. Yesterday. Penny Lane. Paperback Writer. Help. Let it Be. The crowd loved us. Or at least Jay did. From Planet Bowl we headed to Kass', for a change into pads and skates and such -

The Dolphins are playing at 6.

The girls rocked the rink! Number 12 could learn to play with the others, but she did score 4 for the team. The winning 4. Strange to hear her remark in the change room after the game, "Does my hair look ok?". I coulda swore she was a Hanson brother on the ice. Kassidy kept to her post like a booger on a kleenex. Relentlessly she shoo-ed them out of her end and even played part in an assist. You go girl. Dee-fence!! Keep your eyes out for Number 15.

And so the entourage waited at the doors to the rink for the pick up back to Kassidy's, where karaoke krazyness would ensue...

The little music machine came with two mics and you can set it up so that the lyics show up on the TV monitor. Much hilarity and painful pitches later, Dustin broke out some System of the Down and really blew us away with his pipes. The boy can really sing! Who knew? He put on some (Led) Zepplin and I had my first duet with my nephew...

Stairway to Heaven

Kassidy and the gals: Lindsey, Amy and Cassidy with a "c", allowed us in the the VIP room for a petit photoshoot and some chitchat. Check out the loot!
This way, sista!


Coif in Americo. Shrug in Slubby.

The girls had gone through the gifts, sang a few songs and opened the gifts (again). What else was there to do? How 'bout we put a whole bunch of things in a glass and dare each other to drink it? Ok! Eventually they traded in the tabasco sauce, mayonnaise and mustard for some very berry smoothies. Phew! To distract the ladies from their crazy concoctions, I decided to show the gals a little game I like to play called, "Big Bootie". The girls were addicted. (They were still playing the next morning, while I was trying to sleep). Sista and Jay played. Even Dustin hopped on board. A nice 7 bootied Big Bootie*! Then we brought it down a bit and lounged around playing Things in a Box. Have you ever played? I'd like to play with everyone, all of the time. You in? Strangers on the subway? Things you wouldn't kiss...

• a toad, 'cause it ain't really a prince
• a dog's butt
• uncle Jay's snot
• a steel pole in -17degrees weather
• your buttocks!
• Ted's feet
• boys
• stinky feet
• a toilet

Now, you have to keep in mind that 4 12 yr olds and 5 over 30something-ishes were playing. I said, Ted's socks. Someone had commented on them earlier in the evening. I thought it'd be a good time to use it. And Ted said, boys. Big surprise. His daughter just turned 12. Great game. Go play.

And of course the night could not end without a ghoulish ghost story. When the girls were tucked into their little nests of blankets and pillows, surrounded by stuffed toys and all things pink, I thought it'd be a good time to go in. "Hey, Titi, will you tell us a ghost story?" "Nooo...!", screamed Cassidy with a "c". My story went something like this: When we were driving home from the game tonight. Tata, me, Jay and abuela D stopped at Timmy Ho's 'cause Tato wanted us to bring him back a hot chocolate. Jay went in. We waited outside in the car. Three men in blue capes knocked on the window. They asked us a question and they left. A few seconds passed and Tata says, "What did they ask us?". I couldn't remember. None of us could remember. Jay came back with the hot chocolate and got into the car. "Did you see the dudes in the blue capes?", I asked. "Ya", he said, "they asked me something, but I can't remember what it was". The girls howled! And they're probably still looking for three men in blue capes. Was that bad of me? Kassidy, I know from previous camp-out ghost story experiences, likes them weird and surreal. Hope she dug it!

Big Bootie Girls

Saturday melted into Sunday and we headed home, Timmy Ho coffee in hand. We vegged on the couch and caught some Ali. And I finally finished the Socks of Love (6 or so months later) minutes before the Super Bowl was about to start. But truly, they rock....next post.

*Big Bootie is a fun high energy warm up game where the players stand in a circle, numbered Big Bootie to 8. The object is to be Big Bootie and stay Big Bootie. After Big Bootie the numbers then start at 1.For purpose of rhythm, it's best if the game is only played with monosyllabic numbers. The game starts with the theme Big Bootie, Big Bootie, Big Bootie, ooooooh yeah! then Big Bootie will kick things off by saying Big Bootie number (whatever) and then, keeping rhythm, the number Big Bootie called will have to say his or her number and then call on someone else. The player is out if they are out of rhythm or if they stumble on a word... OR if they have low energy and refuse to dance and shout... (which shouldn't be a problem.) The participants work their way to Big Bootie by getting the people out in front of their number, if they are so inclined. A line is formed behind the last number in the circle. The game can go on forever and ever....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Abuela Dinora

Dinora Martinez turned 86 this year. Funny thing about my abuelita (and madrina) is that she has two birthdays. One January 17th and the other in October. We tease her about how she chooses birthdays depending on the time of year. "Oh, it's Dinora's birthday -- again!" Truth is, she was born in the interior of Uruguay (Tacuarembó). Back in those days it took months before anyone would go into town for anything. "Ya, I'll take a pound of maté, oh, and by the way I had a little girl about 8 months ago...."

Abuela D is a fabulous knitter and hooker! A true inspiration. She works from her own designs, whipping up shawls and hats and ponchos and slippers like it's nobody's bidness. My abuelita has wanted a Clapotis, ever since I can remember. And who am I to say "no"? Here she is in her...Clap-o-two and a matching Le Slouch:

A remarkable woman. A knitter, a gardener, a cook, a mother, a grandmother, a friend. Dinora isn't a dame of many words, but she's been blessed with a huge huge heart. She lives with her crazy cat Coco (el Loco) and is often visited by her card playing latino neighbours. Not speaking or reading English, she still gets around on the TTC, travelling to various Abuelitos Clubs, hitting the old casino every chance she gets. And if you ever want to go for a cervezita, you will always have company when Dinora is around! Wishing my Abuelita D much peace and happiness and many many more beers, birthdays and bingos!

Knit up in Patons SWS, Natural Earth.
About 5 balls for the Clap and one for Le Slouch.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Thanks Lisa! I couldn't resist....

You Are a Chimera

You are very outgoing and well connected to many people.
Incredibly devoted to your family and friends, you find purpose in nurturing others.
You are rarely alone, and you do best in the company of others.
You are incredibly expressive, and people are sometimes overwhelmed by your strong emotions.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Klassic D Day!

Kassidy Kelly Bruce (Flores) celebrates her 12th birthday today!

She is one of my bestest friends ever. And one of my most favourite people in the whole wide world! I love spending time with her. We always have a great laugh!
She is one of the prettiest, kindest, sweetest, grooviest, funniest, koolest kids I know!
Hockey Star, Music Maker, Karaoke Kat, Super Model, Awesome Human.

We asked Kass if she'd promise to NOT grow up and NOT turn into a teenager.
She said that she'd try her best!

Happy Birthday, Kass!

Wishing you the most awesomest birthday ever!

Lobe u lots!!!