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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just a sock in the park

what a beautiful day! and so i took myself and my jawol sock project to the park for lunch. there's this great little park around the corner from where i work. and when all of the dogs aren't barking and the school across the street is out for the summer, it is quite pleasant. but seriously, it really is a wonderful place to sit and relax, regardless of howling mutt or screeching child. we are in the big city afterall. gotta take what u can get! and i like to get it as much as i can. the air is fresh and crisp, the sun is spreading a huge grin and i love the way it all feels.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Socks and the City

I must say that i am quite smitten with my first pair of socks! the pattern is from Patons/Kroy in Kool Stripes. I used my very first pair of Brittany dpns, while indulging in a few glasses of Sally Cat and a couple of Graceland chocolates. When i started i thought that they would be a gift for my ma, but being my first pair they turned out somewhat slouchy and a little loose...i must perfect the sock craft and then conquer the world (oh, and knit a pair for me ma!).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

03.22.06 - I dedicate this day to Dustin Theodore (Flores) Bruce. My wonderful nephew and loving godson turns sixteen today. I will never forget Dustin's first day...my dear sista, so beautiful, so big in a small room at Queensway Hospital dealing with contraction after contraction...many hours and a c-section later, proud dad wheeling the biggest, hairiest baby ever down the hall -- it's a boy! How gorgeous he was and still is. Sista loved to watch me sweat as I changed his diapers, in fear of being peed on yet again. and now he is all growed up. Growed up real good. A fine young gentleman. Smarter than smart. Cooler than cool. He's even nice to his sister every once and a while. South Park, Super Mario, Sushi, System of a Down, The Simpsons, Karate, Cadets, video games, family, Family Guy...these are just a few of his favourite things. Wishing you a day of all days. Wishing you a life filled with love and laughter.
Forever yours, Titi xo

Saturday, March 11, 2006

rock on, dudes!

the coolest band in the world!
let them rock your world this coming saturday march 14 at The Bagel.
the boyz are set to kick it at 9:30pm.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


and here she is...the one...the only...Mishka!! this would be the first doggie sweater i ever knit. the pattern is from Michael's. i forget the type of yarn used. oops! but doesn't she look fab?! since it was a surprise, i wasn't able to ask for measurements, but it fit her purrfectly! woof!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

i can see!!

holy freakin moly!! i can't believe it! i can link. yes! thanks to the hubs for his love and patience, for never letting me give up and for getting me on another freakin' browser. it wasn't my brain afterall! all i needed were some helpful little icons to take me to where i wanted to git to and some clever cuttin' & pastin' of that wacky ol' html. linkedy link link link. watch out world here i come! i feel like i've openned my eyes for the first time. i am reborn. i have purpose. i have blog support. i have contact. i am one step closer to unveililng the mysteries of the universe. yeehaw!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Get Sorted

i've been sorted...

Friday, March 03, 2006

good as gold

Thanks to the Yarn Harlot and the team....here's my 2006 Knitting Olympics Gold Medal!

ain't it sweet!? my first (of many!!)

My knitting olympics project, The Fun Bag (see post One for the Team...The Fun Bag), was cast on february 10th, completed by february 24th

only the best for Jay!

02.27.06 - 02.28.06
two days in quarantine, one toque later...thanks to sophie for the cashmere and the pattern (handmaiden - devon's toque). sophie warned me about the 9.5 inches of ribbing! yawn! thanks to oprah, martha, ellen and the feel of cashmere between my flu infested little fingers -- i completed the project thru coughing, sniffling and many sips of peppermint tea. jay swears that it's the warmest and softest thing ever (worn on his head)! handsome devil...

The Helmut

02.24.06 - 02.26.06
The Amelia Helmut (by Fleece Artist)! a quick little project afterall. gotta dig them circulars! thanks to David and Sophie at the KO closing cermony for their support and patience!

as u can see i just can't get enuf of that team jersey!

Closing Ceremony

feeling under the weather, i still got outta bed and onto transit and headed out to the knitting olympics closing ceremony (the old york). and i'm so glad that i did. not only did i get to hang with some of the grooviest knitters, i also got to pick up my team jersey. thanks Wannietta! now, don't we all look knitter-ific! ya, i think so.....

Tato's Astronomy Mitts

These here I created for my pa...he spends many cold nights outside, under the stars surveying the moon and its many surrounding galaxies. when he saw the arm warmers i'd been making, he bought some yarn and asked me to add mitten parts to keep his hands warm, but still keep the openings so he could get his digits in and around the gadgets on his telescopes...and with him being an avid soccer fan, i found these soccer ball buttons to keep the flaps back and outta the way...i combined many patterns -- well, the inital one for the arm warmer and then one for the mitten part and then another that i took from text messaging mittens (Knit Grrrl book) and did my best to make them my own custom creation. they turned out alright, just don't look too closely.....

Bonnie Warmers

these here i knit for my friend, Bonnie's b-day...who is a most amazing person and incredibly talented writer....aren't they groovy....