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Friday, February 24, 2006

One for the team...The Fun Bag

well, here she is! The Fun Bag was completed during last night's women skaters competition. go russia! oh, i mean japan! finishing touches were made during the Daily Show, hence the name....kidding...the name comes from the fun happy face lining. i was gonna go with The Happy Bag, but something about fun bag(s) just makes me chuckle. The pattern is a combination of the BoomBox Bag (Knit Grrl) and my deviant ways. the pattern called for one colour. bored of the cape cod (patons), i added some rich aubergine (patons). the pattern also called for an ipod pocket, which i skipped, since i don't own one, but decided to add a flower (knitty.com). the straps, i doubled up on the yarn and made them a bit shorter. i also added snap button closure, they may have to go tho. all in all, not bad.
This project was part of the 2006 Knitting Olympics.
many thanks go out to Jay, my mom and the groovy team at Clarity for making this a reality. thanks for all of your help and patience with this snappy project!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How it all began...

thought i'd take a moment to explain how this blog began....i knit, therefore i am...i am...a knitter...and so i wanted to share some of my lovely projects and thought that this would be a wonderful way. all of the kool kids are doing it! ;-p
i must of course thank my mama and my grannies who've given me my knitting gene, without them, well without them, i just wouldn't be........!

here are just a few of my completed projects:

the greatest v-day gift of all -- J's G-strap! how cool!?

Molly the Fierce, showing off the poochie sweater. can u dig it?!

for Erin's birthday

and a brown pair for Jay

much much more to come......toot! toot! toot my own horn!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

one of the coolest kids

this is just a little post about one of the coolest kids in the world, who just happens to be one of my bestest friends and my niece. there's nothing this little wonder can't do! she can dance, she can sing, she can do most anything! and did i mention -- she's a hockey star!

hubby disagrees

the hubs disagrees --> that image is not his best work. ok ok ok! so here's some real special stuff....now SHUDDEP!!

take us to your leader

thought i'd take a moment to post some of my hubby's fabulous work. and don't forget to check out The Urban Street Scandal!

Molly the Fierce, Super Model

seems like this may be fun after all....


since it seems that i am the only one who comes here anyway...i figure why not post a pic of the king. at least i'll be entertained.

a hunka hunka

Thursday, February 16, 2006


i haven't a freakin clue! suprised i got this far. i will not give up!! help!