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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm still knitting, i swear

I am. I really am still knitting. whenever I can find a spare moment (rare these days). I may not have much time to write, but I am picking up the needles and fondling as much yarn as possible. here's proof...

Presley rocks her knits

Jacquie gave me some malabrigo a little while back so I made Presley a big ol' slouchie hat. She needs to grow into it a bit and it ain't the best baby yarn, but it's just so dang soft I couldn't resist! The sweater was made back when Presley was still in utero. She's already worn it a gazillion times.

and this is finally done...

The Ameri-Clap

Yes, the Ameri-Clap. Talk about softness! It's Pima Cotton from Americo. Again, not a great baby yarn, since chances are baby will drool or puke on it, but I love it all the same. I went with a long scarf this time instead of the shawl version. I just can't get enough of this pattern. I have some yarn left over, perhaps a baby-clap for my little girl is in order?

More knits to come, I swear!


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