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Monday, February 05, 2007

Abuela Dinora

Dinora Martinez turned 86 this year. Funny thing about my abuelita (and madrina) is that she has two birthdays. One January 17th and the other in October. We tease her about how she chooses birthdays depending on the time of year. "Oh, it's Dinora's birthday -- again!" Truth is, she was born in the interior of Uruguay (Tacuarembó). Back in those days it took months before anyone would go into town for anything. "Ya, I'll take a pound of maté, oh, and by the way I had a little girl about 8 months ago...."

Abuela D is a fabulous knitter and hooker! A true inspiration. She works from her own designs, whipping up shawls and hats and ponchos and slippers like it's nobody's bidness. My abuelita has wanted a Clapotis, ever since I can remember. And who am I to say "no"? Here she is in her...Clap-o-two and a matching Le Slouch:

A remarkable woman. A knitter, a gardener, a cook, a mother, a grandmother, a friend. Dinora isn't a dame of many words, but she's been blessed with a huge huge heart. She lives with her crazy cat Coco (el Loco) and is often visited by her card playing latino neighbours. Not speaking or reading English, she still gets around on the TTC, travelling to various Abuelitos Clubs, hitting the old casino every chance she gets. And if you ever want to go for a cervezita, you will always have company when Dinora is around! Wishing my Abuelita D much peace and happiness and many many more beers, birthdays and bingos!

Knit up in Patons SWS, Natural Earth.
About 5 balls for the Clap and one for Le Slouch.


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