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Friday, May 02, 2008

Surprise Surprise Baby Jacket

I've perused through my pix that were taken at the baby shower that Jacquie threw for us and well, they're all of me! How boring is that! My brain has been in a preggo haze and I just haven't been able to take any pix of the gorgeous knitted pieces that we were showered on us. So I'm "borrowing" these from Michelle....

Baby Love

I've watched the progress of this stunning piece on Michelle's blog. It was so wonderful to find out that it was for me! Well, for "us". Wouldn't it be grand if we could put some sort of spell on this beautiful jacket so that it could grow with baby and then eventually when she's a teen and only sporting black I could take it for my very own. It is so incredibly soft and the buttons are absolutely gorgeous. Now if only we could stop the cats from eye-ing it. I swear they're taking bets on who can wear it next!

Kitty Porn (aka Guinness, Michelle's cat)


Blogger Not An Artist said...

She is oh so sweet in that sweater. I almost kept it for her to wear but then I was sad thinking about little Presley all cold.

And I have loads of pics from your shower, some of which don't even have you in them (much). I will work on them tomorrow I promise!

Friday, May 02, 2008


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