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Friday, March 03, 2006

Tato's Astronomy Mitts

These here I created for my pa...he spends many cold nights outside, under the stars surveying the moon and its many surrounding galaxies. when he saw the arm warmers i'd been making, he bought some yarn and asked me to add mitten parts to keep his hands warm, but still keep the openings so he could get his digits in and around the gadgets on his telescopes...and with him being an avid soccer fan, i found these soccer ball buttons to keep the flaps back and outta the way...i combined many patterns -- well, the inital one for the arm warmer and then one for the mitten part and then another that i took from text messaging mittens (Knit Grrrl book) and did my best to make them my own custom creation. they turned out alright, just don't look too closely.....


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