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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sweet Sixteen

03.22.06 - I dedicate this day to Dustin Theodore (Flores) Bruce. My wonderful nephew and loving godson turns sixteen today. I will never forget Dustin's first day...my dear sista, so beautiful, so big in a small room at Queensway Hospital dealing with contraction after contraction...many hours and a c-section later, proud dad wheeling the biggest, hairiest baby ever down the hall -- it's a boy! How gorgeous he was and still is. Sista loved to watch me sweat as I changed his diapers, in fear of being peed on yet again. and now he is all growed up. Growed up real good. A fine young gentleman. Smarter than smart. Cooler than cool. He's even nice to his sister every once and a while. South Park, Super Mario, Sushi, System of a Down, The Simpsons, Karate, Cadets, video games, family, Family Guy...these are just a few of his favourite things. Wishing you a day of all days. Wishing you a life filled with love and laughter.
Forever yours, Titi xo


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