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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How it all began...

thought i'd take a moment to explain how this blog began....i knit, therefore i am...i am...a knitter...and so i wanted to share some of my lovely projects and thought that this would be a wonderful way. all of the kool kids are doing it! ;-p
i must of course thank my mama and my grannies who've given me my knitting gene, without them, well without them, i just wouldn't be........!

here are just a few of my completed projects:

the greatest v-day gift of all -- J's G-strap! how cool!?

Molly the Fierce, showing off the poochie sweater. can u dig it?!

for Erin's birthday

and a brown pair for Jay

much much more to come......toot! toot! toot my own horn!


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