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Monday, June 04, 2007

Warrant Officer Bruce on Parade

My nephew, Dustin, had his Annual Ceremonial Review Parade with the 75th Toronto Scottish Regiment Cadet Corps last Tuesday. It gets better every year and so does he....

Dustin and his troop

His sister, Kassidy, must really enjoy this. He's bossing other kids around instead of her and - he's in a skirt and a purse, uh, I mean kilt and murse.

the Band

Besides watching our boy march, this has got to be one of my favourite parts of the ceremony. I LOVE the band! Bagpipes and all. The drums simply rock. It takes everything out of me not to full out dance. I must admit, I shake my booty slightly and hope nobody notices. shhhh...

The sound system is really bad at Fort York. It was as if Charlie Brown's teacher was hosting. When Dustin's name was called out for the Training Officer's Award for General Proficiency, he didn't hear it. They called him out a second time and he saluted and said "Sir!"Although it kinda sounded like "Doh!"

Very well deserved indeed!

But the hoopla didn't stop there. He was also awarded a medal for five years of service. It's hard to believe that he's been doing it for that long. And it's even harder to believe that he's doing it at all, coming from a family of hippie freaks. But kids rebel in their own ways, right?

Five swell years

And even though there weren't any fancy floats at this parade and Santa never showed up, these clowns still happened to have a good time...

Peace & Love

You done us proud, my friend. Keep it up! You're making the rest of us look good. Always and forever, Titi.


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