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Monday, November 06, 2006

High Tea

A wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Meeting friends over at the Knit Café for High Tea, scrumptious knibbles and needleful knitting. The tea was a delicious blend of lemon and robious and the knibbles! mon dieu! Stuff I didn't even know existed and all of it -- delicious! I can't even begin to explain...please go and enjoy!

I brought a few projects with me: jay's socks of love (I'm just starting the toe of sock 2 - woohoo!); a Hand Maiden scarf kit and these mittens I'd been working on for a g-friend of mine. I thought I would lose my mind when on Saturday, aboard the GO train to Oshawa, I realized that I hadn't packed the pattern! barf! I trudged on and decided I had no choice but to take a break (aka nap). In Oshawa I would be able to surf, find and print. Thanks Frayed at the Edges! thanks mom and dad! But them dang mitts just didn't want to play along. The yarn & needles were not what the pattern called for and my calculations to accomodate didn't seem to work out...so sad...

Evil glint from no good mittens

But glad to see so many gnarly knitters out, chatting, sipping and knitting away. We sat at the table by the window and often felt like monkeys in a zoo. Passersby would stop and stare. Some would even wave and take photographs. One fine gentlemen could not contain himself and poked his head in to tell us how terrific we are all were. What a remarkable site! Kinda like Sully...

Sully shows it off!

Sully blew us all away with her original designs. Gorgeous hats and scarves and sweaters and slippers. "no pattern. copy if you like"...here she is in one of her original cardigans and skirts.

Earlier that day Sophie and Jaquie had explored yarn fantasy land (smiles! everyone smiles!) and came away with some woolly bargain booty, surprising Mel and I with yarny garland goodness that we wore around our necks! When I got home later that day I wondered what it would be like to wake Jay from his post rock n' roll rehearsal slumber with...


a wacky yarn full o' Woolly Bully in 256. Thanks ladies, I hope to make you proud with my project(s)! I can't wait!

Oh! and I picked up a precious pair of pink-felted-ends 4.5mm. ( I just couldn't resist!) The mittens will be gifted after all...

Bad Mitt Gone Good


Blogger Sophia said...

That's one scary pic of Jay. Hmmm. Cool pix - and love the captions. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blogger Vik said...

What a wonderful sunday afternoon!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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