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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I *heart* Mom

The post comes one day late, since I could not let the flowers out of the bag before Mother's Day! I knit a few dishcloths for some moms who frequent Hunka Hunka Burnin' Yarn, I couldn't let them see what I was up to, now could I? The ladies loved them. Here they are enjoying some fresh air on mom's balcony.

Las Flores

The green one is for my mom, the blue for my sista. Both were knit with Phentex Craft Cotton. The center part, the "flower", is a crocheted circle. The square is knit and creates the "leaves". Here are both pieces flat. Can you tell what they are?

Eleanor the Elephant

My mom has a very impressive elephant collection. Teapots, jewelery, towels, pillows, figurines, the list goes on and on. Eleanor adds to the collection as the first dishcloth.

Sista loves teddy bears. Not only did she marry one (Ted), but her wedding theme was inspired by teddy bears. They even graced her wedding cake!

We spent a wonderful day with the moms and the kids and the dads and our abuelita eating, drinking, laughing, playing (and knitting) and, as always, enjoying each others company. Another lovely Mother's day on the Flores-Correa-Martinez-Holz-Bruce family tree.

El Rey con Las Flores


Blogger Sonia Brock said...

What a really neat post.

I love your idea of combining knitted dishcloths with crochet circle flowers.


Monday, May 14, 2007


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