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Monday, May 07, 2007

Birthday Hoopla!

There are so many ways to celebrate a birthday and so little time. Here are a few of the hits:

April 7th
Lisa takes Kassidy and I on an all-expenses paid trip for two to We Will Rock You! And it did! We sing and stomp and shake the glow stick to all of the hits. And we get to meet The Gambler! If you have a chance, catch the show. You will be rocked. Thanks Lisa!

All that's left of the kickass night - Kassidy's earings

April 14 Josée throws the most fabuloso b-day dinner for me and my samba grrls: Geeje, Carolina and Dani Lafond. Hilarious moments, delicious food and wine, generous gifts, killer cake and mucho mucho love.

April 21st Sista Kelly and Klassic D come downtown for a salon-spa day at Concepts. Thanks for joining us Jacquie. And then some shopping and later, laughs on the Spirits patio.

April 24th Knittahs surprise me at the House of Sammon with yarny goodness, vino and cupcakes! Thanks again ladies, that was swell! You shouldn’t have, but I’m oh-so-glad-that-you-did!

April 25th Lunch time Party at Clarity. Catered by Spring Rolls, Dufflets and The Kensington Bakery. Happy Birthday Richard! Happy Almost-Birthday Me! Thanks everybody for another spectacular feast! Since no one at the office likes the Carob Spelt cake, I take it to the Stitch n Bitch at the 2nd Cup. The bitches put down the stitchin’ and dig right in! Sweet.

April 26th The big day. The I-can't-believe-how-old-I-am Day. If it's true, and you are only as old as you feel, am I twelve? Am I 98? Am I really me? You betcha! I'm a twelve year-old going on 98. Aren't we all?

April 27th I get inked. Jay takes me tattooing. One for each decade and one touch up on an oldie. With Jay's magnificent designs and Ben at Yonge Street Tattoos’ articulate gun and graceful needle, I walk out of there an original masterpiece. One more week or so of "after care" and I'll share them with y'all. For now, here's a shot of Ami from Miami Ink.


April 28th The fabulous Jason Flores-Holz throws me a most amazing surprise party. Sista and Kass surprise me when I get home from my stand-up class with streamers and balloons. I didn't suspect a thing when they told me that we had to go to Smokey Joe's for karaoke because Spirit's karaoke starts too late. Besides, Ted would meet us there and be able to drive the Bruce girls home. Ok. In an Advil Cold and Sinus medicated haze, I walk into a friend-and-family filled extravaganza. Surprise!!! Thanks to the hubs for being so sneaky and to all of the gang for making the big 4-0 such a groovy event! (Note: The karaoke was a ruse. It only happens on Sundays. Hmph!)

April 29th I put down the needles, pick up the mic, raise the curtain on my stand-up schtick and I do NOT poop my pants! After 8 weeks, once-a-week, 3-hrs per night stand-up course at The Second City, my set is ready and I kill. Well, the kids tell me that I did. I trust them. Why would they lie?

Me and the boys from my stand-up class
(left to right) Dmitry, Bobby, me. Connor, Chris, Ed, Morgan (in front)

I've included the stand-up show as part of my b-day celebrations because in a way, it was a gift to myself. I've always wanted to give stand-up a try, but I was scared poopless. I've done the comedy, the drama, the music, the improv, why not the stand-up? I really enjoyed it. The writing process, the performance, the laughter. I intend to give it another go. Who knows, maybe this time, in front of strangers even! Thanks all, for the support and the laff track.

This was a truly remarkable birthday. People ask me if I feel any different this year, it being a "big" b-day and all. And, I do. I feel strong and secure and ready to keep conquering the world. And I feel way more loved than I ever have before. This getting older thing kinda rocks. What a wonderful place to be.


Blogger LadyLungDoc said...

Hey funny lady! Belated happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blogger jacquieblackman said...

Awesome! Talk about celebrating in style. Glad I could be there for some the rocking' fun!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blogger Yvette said...

Wow, mondo celebrations! I'm so happy for your happiness. See yo Friday.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blogger Vik said...

Hi Sandi! Nice post!
Hey, I´m organizing something... wonder, if you are interesting? take a look at my blog, when you have time... HUGS

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


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