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Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa Came Early and it was Zen!

What a wonderful way to be woken up. No, not with the weekend special - Egg McJay in bed (although that is one of my faves). And not with Frosty the Snowman playing on the clock radio (another fave). But with the mail man banging down the door! I wasn't expecting anyone and I never open the door unless someone's delivering food. I look through the peep hole and there he is. Hello mail man, whuddup? Package, special delivery?! For moi?! I squish it. It feels like yarn!! yarn!? I've never received yarn (or anything else for that matter) this early in the morning. Could I be dreaming? Who could it be from? What could it be? Well, let me show you...From the Zen Yarn Garden.....

The Abbey Cabled Hoodie Pattern

The Superwash Merino & Silk
in Grape Jelly

The Adorable Little Notions Bag

Isn't it just gorgeous!? The pattern is a freakin masterpiece. The Grape Jelly Yarn is delicioso! I can't stop feeling it up! And the notions bag is waiting to be filled with all of my little knitty knick-knacks! (And Jessie at Messie Craftie has a lot more for your pleasure!) I love it. I love it all!!! A big huge hug and thanks to Santa Lisa. You really shouldn't have! But I'm oh so glad that you did! What a wonderful wake-up call!


Blogger Yvette said...

Just stopped by to say Happy New Year to you and Jay and the wee addition. It will be wonderful year for you all!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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