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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Sometimes the 9 to 5 grind can just suck the life right outta ya. But ain't that what holidays are all about? Getting away from it all... ? And where would you catch an Elvis obsessed knitter taking in some well deserved R&R?

Heaven, I'm in heaven...

with as many Elvis' as possible...Another holiday with the King. The Collingwood Elvis Festival. Their 13th annual, on the 30th anniversary of the King's passing. A perfect way to honour the King, surrounded by the world's top tribute artists. Some old, some new and some of our all-time faves!

If you're lookin' for Trouble....

That's Knitting Elvis at the Mountain View Revival stage (aka, one of the beer tents), magic looping her little heart out while catching David Lee perform a set....

Me, Me and David Lee

We just couldn't get enough of David Lee. Not only is he a world champion tribute artist (2004 Professional Concert Years, Collingwood, etc...), he's also an all-round amazing guy. All the way from Birmingham, Alabama, you couldn't ask for a more gracious and kind soul. He must be channeling Elvis somehow! During one of his shows, Ultimate Elvis, Mr. Lee lei-d me with one of his scarves. The ladies went wild. And I had to get it autographed!

swoon 1

The festival kicked off on Thursday with a Karaoke Pub Crawl and ended late late late Sunday evening with the Grand Finals at the arena and then a crazy Last Hurrah Wrap Up Party at The Olde Town Terrace. Saturday morning we hit the parade with me in my wig and many many kings on vintage cars. I made oh-so many friends...

The Neighbour & Cousin Ian

On the left is Brycen. Not only was he was staying across the hall from us at the Holiday Inn, he was also competing in the Youth Senior Category. And on the left, Knitting Elvis stops by the West Auckland, New Zealand, Matua Valley Wine tasting with cousin Ian. And then this fella stopped me in this little Shopper's Alley they got going there...


We couldn't deny us the opportunity of a pic. But it wasn't all autographs and compliments, we also caught some kick-arse shows from the Starshine Series at the Gayety Theatre. Two newish-to-us, artist that rocked our freakin socks off......

Boys Boys Boys

In pink, Washington's Ben Klein, who holds the 2005 title of Professional (Early Years) champ. And in jumpsuit, Vanleek Hill Ontarian, Pete Paquette, who took that crown in 2006. The boys have the moves and the vocals and the sincerity to pull it all off big time. Hey, it looks as though Pete might be putting his early years category aside and taking a chunka chunka outta the Concert Years. Go Pete!

And it wasn't all hip shakin fellas and shop shop shop either....We took some time to take in the sites....

yours to discover

mmm...Elvis shortbread...

With this being year three for the Hubs and I, we've become a little chummy with some blasts from the past. Ireland's David Stewart, 2006 Non-Pro Concert Years recipient, is a pleasure to watch, listen to and chat with. His vocals blow us away and his irish accent makes our eyes smile.

his biggest fans

This was the first year that we stayed until the very end. Which allowed us to attend The Last Hurrah bash . What a blast! Most of the tribute artists were dressed in their civilian clothes. It was like being a VIP at some freaky cast party. We danced, they karaoked and I rushed the stage when T-dot's hometown boy, Paul Ross (2006, Inspirational Elvis Gospel), took our request of - If I Can Dream...

spreading the love

The festival was a huge success. There musta bin a kazillion people there, not the mention the multi-national line of up of tribute artists. And even though this was the first year that I got a wee weirded out by the whole sub-culture of it all, we're still looking forward to next year. There's always so much more to see. Perhaps next year we'll pay more attention to the youth competition and be sure to catch the Inspirational Elvis set.

Long live the King

We capped the holiday off with a day at Wasaga Beach and a hit and run at one of the biggest yarn shops ever...

swoon 2

The Hubs read Harry while I went kookoo for a good 45 minutes. I picked up some stoopid deals and sweet surprises for the folks back home!

oh and long live the Hubs. For his art. For his love and understanding.

swoon 2

for his awesome sense of humour and for the hunka hunka stash of yarn!

me and my king


Blogger Sonia Brock said...

Wonderful, Sandi.

I feel like I was there :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogger jacquieblackman said...

Awesome! You guys rock ('n' roll)!

Friday, August 17, 2007


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