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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spreading Rumours

I couldn't stand seeing Sharon in that ratty black & white striped toque. That big-ass Roots logo was starting to give me a migraine. I hated it so much that I had to knit her a new one. Stitched up in Paton's Rumour, this Hibiscus Heather alpaca-mix looks rockin on her little asian head. Isn't she cute? Don't let her fool you, she's the devil in disguise.

Vietnamese Lola

The knit was so quick and the yarn so soft and scrumptious that when Fiona made a request for one in Duberry Heather, how could I refuse. Isn't she fierce? Fierce as a teddy bear's picnic!
FiFi LaRoo

Of course, I had to have one for myself in Fern Heather (no pic available). How could I resist the gorgeous green and fuzzy warmness. And then Kathryn's b-day snuck up on me so quick, I had to whip up something in a flash! Being a smartarse (and frugal), I decided to combine all three colours to create a stripe-y ribbed medley. This way she could carry all three of us around on her head, all the while keeping herself snug and stylin'.

St. Kate the Great


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