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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gifty Knits

Lotsa knits for the holidays and birthdays and i need-something-new days.....

This, 16, going-on-17, year old, 15ft. chap sports a killer black toque. Ribbed up in Americo, Dustin - he like.

We watched The Sound of Music for this one. All 3 hours of it! (The Hubs still insists it was 4hrs, counting commercials). Kassidy's cuddled in A Few of My Favourite Scarves. A very long purple pooch and one of her grandma's gorgeous green creations.

Only the best for Dad (aka Mr. Valentine),
Devon's Toque in cashmere.

and he's ready for EspaƱa!

Mom and Dad left for Spain on the 27th of December. They toured through Madrid, Sevilla, Cordoba, Salobrena and back through Madrid again, only to return to chilly Ontario on January 15th. Click here for details of their awesome trip. (Just kidding...but don't u wish you could?)

Primas, Vicki and Heidi go Americo in a pair of puffy key-hole scarves.

I can't stop knitting with Americo yarn. And why would I want to! It's the softest, plushiest, chewy-est stuff and it just melts through your fingers on huge-arse needles. Gratification guaranteed. Quick!

Another toque rocks the house!


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