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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a quick game

the hubs and i went to see the Da Vinci Code last night. we got there early and made sure we grabbed our favorite seats -- way at the back, nice and high above the big heads, bad hats and crazy hairs. with 40 minutes to go before movie start time, i started jonesin' for some knittin'! I promise never to leave the house without it again. what was i thinking!? i must knit everywhere and all of the time. well, except for weddings. the hubs says he draws the line at weddings. but he did remind me that "we can still talk, you know." and talk we did. we even played the dangerous game of what-celeb-would-you-shag. without skipping a beat, "Jon Stewart", i chimed.

and the hubs approved, "he's funny and smart. he seems like a nice guy. and he might even call you the next day". but the hubs, he couldn't think of one for himself. none of the celeb babes seem to turn his crank. i suggested Joan Jett, but he said "she's too old now". and then he pondered on Xtina Aguilera for a few moments but then considered how many STDs would be involved and quickly dumped the idea. well, I guess i'm just celebrity enuf for my man. oh, and 'the code was pretty good. the last supper will never be the same and Mary Magdalene sure was one hot mama.


Blogger Jen said...

he's totally my freebie too. the fact that he's a happy father of two and loyal husband only makes hime hotter to me. same with colbert. as they say in the NHL...

just cause there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score...

you can only imagine what Jason thinks about that line

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blogger KnitAbout said...

Yes, yes, good choice. He's a little too husband material for a freebie though. It's gotta be someone you'd never really want. Like Fabio or soemthing. Except he probably is diseased. So maybe...hmmm I 'll gt back to you on this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

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